Information for Anna
In 1916 there were only two major automobile racing  sanctioning bodies.
The AAA and the IMCA. Neither of these organizations would allow women
to race. The July4, 1916 race was sanctioned by the AAA. And the second 
race of the year held at the Hibbing Raceway, was IMCA sanctioned. Elfrieda
Mais was never allowed to race in either series, but she could time trial her
car (she was frequently the fastest) and she was allowed to perform stunts.
Her last appearance in Hibbing was July 4, 1934 where she performed her
signature stunt by crashing into a flaming wood wall. Just a few short weeks
later, she performed this stunt at the Alabama State Fair and was killed while
doing it. Had she been allowed to race, and not perform dangerous stunts, she
may have lived much longer.
One good photograph of you and your car positioned where the race cars are 
in the image of the actual 1916 race below, could make for a really powerful
image. Taking this photograph can be done in under 10 minutes.
The 100 mile officially AAA sanctioned road race held in Hibbing on July 4, 1916
 The same location today
 An unintended consequence of the race